Borivali : 42457013 / 11

Mulund : 41624018 / 19


Borivali : 42457013 / 11

Mulund : 41624018 / 19


This Facility is Available At : Borivali,Mulund

The ‘Headache and Migraine Clinic’ is run by specialists. The clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine and head pain. The main aim of this clinic is to make a correct diagnosis of the type of headache and try to provide relief from chronic head pain by choosing the right acute and appropriate preventive treatment while maintaining continuity of care. Treatment for headache has progressed in the last decade, the clinic can intervene and try to improve the quality of life of chronic headache sufferers.

Facilities & Services Available

  • Assessment by highly qualified and experienced consultant in treating headache and migrane.
  • Facility to consult other specialists from the Ophthalmic, ENT, Dental, Orthopedic, and Psychiatric Departments whenever we feel the cause of the headache is from an overlapping Specialty.



The department of Neuro and Neuro Spinal has experienc.e surgeons, all having interest in a different branch of the speciality. It is backed by neurology, neuropathology, neuroradiology departments and other ancillary services.

Facilities Available

  • We have latest surgical techniques for brain tumors, vascular malformations, trauma,
  • and epilepsy surgery
  • We have dedicated “stroke response team” to deal with acute onset stroke with a dedicated stroke unit,
  • 24hrs on call neurologists and neurosurgeon consultant and resident doctors,
  • 24 hrs facilities for mechanical thrombectomy or emergency surgeries like decompressive craniotomy with clot extraction
  • Using state of the art surgical microscope Carl Ziess Pentero and Brain lab Neuro Navigation systems, precise surgeries are possible resulting in excellent results and function preserving surgeries
  • With availability of top of the line imaging modalities and dedicated surgical ICU along with a high dependency unit, the post operative care becomes easier.
  • With dedicated operation theatre and 24 hour on call consultant, traumatic brain and spinal injuries, acute stroke get treatment within the “Golden period” resulting in much faster and complete recovery.

Services Available

  • Trauma: The department looks after all types of Neuro trauma 24 hours as and when the need arises.
  • Cranial surgery: All types of tumors, vascular malformations, intra cranial bleeds and other pathologies like hydrocephalus are dealt with.
  • Spinal Surgery: All varieties of spinal surgery including CV Junction surgery and anterior and posterior surgery, functional and reconstructive surgery, spinal cord tumors, congenital anomalies, all types of fusions, minimally invasive and endoscopic spinal surgeries are regularly carried out.
  • Vascular: Digital subtraction angiography, treatment of aneurysm, arterio venous malformations, intracranial artery stenosis, carotid stenosis, mechanical thrombectomy etc.
  • Skull base surgery: Variety of lesions are dealt with lateral, pterional, trans labyrinthine, trans sphenoidal, trans oral approaches
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