Borivali : 42457013 / 11

Mulund : 41624018 / 19


Borivali : 42457013 / 11

Mulund : 41624018 / 19

Sleep Medicine

This Facility is Available At : Borivali,Mulund

The Department of Sleep Medicine at Apex Hospital & Research Centre is a state of the art department representing International standards in Diagnosis and Management of various sleep disorders. It comprises of reputed experts in Sleep Medicine from various parts of the city of Mumbai, having impeccable record in regards to practicing methods and patient care.

Facilities Available

The Department is also well supported with the following upgraded facilities

  • Polysomnography laboratory : Equipped with Separate Polysomnography room with
    • Space to accommodate one relative with patient and a separate room for the technician.
    • Digital video recording system.
  • Combimedics Australia : E-Series PSG system which has, 57 study channels including 32 channels for EEG along with ECG, EOG and other channels.
  • Esophageal pressure monitoring system

Services Available

  • Sleep OPD : We run a sleep OPD in our Hospital for clinical diagnosis and screening of patients with sleep disorders.
  • Polysomnography : Diagnostic studies for Obstructive sleep apnea which include:-
    • Adult & Pediatric Polysomnography
    • Diagnostic
    • CPAP titration studies
    • Manual
    • Auto
    • Split night studies
    • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)
    • Studies for Other sleep Disorders
    • Narcolepsy
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